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The Bunny Suicide Collab The Bunny Suicide Collab

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Gotta agree with Grimfang.

Grimfang is right, if anybody here actually has got the book they would know this wasnt made with much love or understanding for the style and humour in the book of bunny suicides. It would have been much better, if;
1. Everybody used the original bunny style. So many different styles just make the animation tiring.
2. Focus more on the setup.
3. Be more original! Take the nazi one in the book for example. (Where he middle fingers hitler while the others do that salutey-thing) Most of these (With the exception of the pulling-the-pc-plug one) were just pointless violence, not funny, and didnt do the style of the book justice.
4. You shouldnt just merge everything together and slap a music track on top. It would have been much better if you took 6 or so longer animations, with plots, humour, less violence, style, and then put little titles infront and put sound effects over the top. Sort of like those cheesy "bloopers" things. But much better. That way, you could have release like 5 or 6 of these in a collab series.
5. I know this took, what, a year to make. I respect that some of the authors must have put a lot of effort into their part. But, it just doesnt show as a 1 year project. Towards the organiser of this, just be more assertive with everyones punctuality, and authors will put more effort into their part.

Other than that, the graphics were mainly good, except for the constantly changing and tiring style of drawing. I understand it was a collab, but as i said before it would have been much better if the style was the same, or similar. If you wanted everyone to show off their individual styles, whatever, do that in future. But i have to say i did enjoy the parts that actually used the original Bunny art style. The sound could have had better quality, and - Oh, just read point #4. The violence seemed pointless, and as if the authors didnt understand the point of the book. No interactivity, really. And it just, wasnt funny. Overall a 4, seeing as this must have been a bitch to put together and organise, but a little more effort does go a long way. Oh, and if you do reply, dont just go "You sux0r5" or something like that. I would like to hear others' opinions please. (god, am i gonna get flamed)

Meebs responds:

I appreciate the lengthy review, but I'm sorry, some points make it seem as if you didn't even watch the collab.

1. Not many people used the original bunny style, so saying that it's tiring doesn't make sense. Also, you later say that you liked the parts that used the style.
Make up your mind.

2. I've said it once and I've said it again, it was the artist's choice whether or not they wanted to show the setup or the actual death. Andy Riley did both.

3. We were plenty original. There are like 2-3 from the books, the rest were made up.

And actually there are alot of bloodless parts. Only one of my parts had blood.

All in all, I appreciate your comments, but It feels like you aren't thinking.

Skate in style 3 Skate in style 3

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Twas ok

Improve the stickman by making him thinner, and just put more effort into the graphics. Also, how is this an anime?

ZeroJ responds:

Im nit that kind of... Fb animator i can do em for sure but. I just dont like em : D

A Wii Battle Special Ed. A Wii Battle Special Ed.

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Ive read quite a few reviews, and half of the "wii sucks" are by little 12 year olds who think its hard to make better graphics...

Besides, if they used a ps3, theyd need a tow truck to carry it with, lol. Same with 360. But i like the 360 a bit. So yeah... good flash... keep it up....

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Toast: Game Toast: Game

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Pre made engine.

This was a bought engine/tut. It cries out, and i've seen upwards of 500 of this game, but with slightly altered sprites. The physics and interaction are all the same. Good try, but do your own AS next time. Looks to me like you havn't won the competition, mate.

Hacker12 responds:

Ha well guess what I did and I got sponsered for this game so, I guess not bad and I wouldn't of been sponsered and front paged if they didn't think I had done the coding myself, using the tutorial as a guide line.

Spot Da diffrence Spot Da diffrence

Rated 0 / 5 stars


well i think the whole boredom problem mounts up to quite a lot...

But the thing that really struck me as this being a piece of shit... was mainly the obvious cursor change.

Make a game that is good, and isnt the easiest thing to do in the world!

Scribble! Scribble!

Rated 4 / 5 stars



LOL i can make a pentagon outta 4 lines.....